Portola Valley Internet Survey

Conclusion It looks like our AT&T deal is the worst of all of the internet/TV packages and that we should switch to Comcast. The 175mbs speeds for $170 would be a 7x speed improvement on our current 25mbs for roughly the same price. The survey...

The Largest Crypto Hacks and What We Learned from Them

Cybersecurity has become a significant issue in the crypto market and with good reason. CyberTrace estimates that nearly $927 million in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018 alone. With Bitcoin being launched in 2009, it’s hard to say precisely how much has been lost due...

What Widespread Adoption of Crypto Means for Your Taxes

Crypto laws
Ever since the inception of cryptocurrencies, the key agenda of the proponents has been to see the crypto coins replace the conventional banking system as you know it today. So, Bitcoin gaining acceptance from the leading coffee now appears to be a real net...

Beginner’s Guide to the Upcoming Tax Season

Tax guide
  With the income tax season coming to close, it’s crunch time to get everything that you need to get it in on time. Cryptocurrency is easy to forget in the chaos that ensues, but can have severe consequences if forgotten. Even worse is not...

What You Need to File Your Crypto Taxes Seamlessly

Filing crypto taxes
If you’ve invested anything at all, you want it to be reflected in your taxes accurately, but how? Now that we’ve covered the basics of crypto taxes, we can go over everything that you’ll need to be able to file your crypto taxes. It can...

Q and A’s of Filing Crypto Taxes

Crypto taxes
Filing taxes is hard, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any licensed tax professionals out in the world to do it for you. If you’ve ever seen the stack of forms and felt overwhelmed at all, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are some common...

The Risks of Investing in Cryptocurrency

Risks of investing in cryptocurrency
When dealing with any kind of financial market, there are always risks. Fortunes are made and lost in the global market. It was the same when Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency came out on the market in 2009 and it wasn’t until the end of...

The Effects of Cryptocurrency Legal Classification on Florida Tax Law

cryptocurrency legal
The status of cryptocurrencies has been one of the hottest and most debated topics in recent years. Earlier in 2019

Cryptocurrency Lives and Dies on Government Regulations

crypto government regulation
Venezuela A few days ago a new law was passed in Venezuela that dictates up to a 15% tax on every cryptocurrency transaction.

New Hampshire, Indiana, Wyoming Propose New Crypto Tax Bills

Crypto Tax Bills
In recent news, New Hampshire, Indiana and Wyoming have sought approval for crypto tax bills regarding the legal acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

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