About Get Crypto Tax

The concept of Get Crypto Tax was born out of the understanding that traders struggle when filing their cryptocurrency taxes and existing online tax preparation tools do not integrate easily with cryptocurrency. These difficulties motivated the innovation that is Get Crypto Tax.

All you need to do is:

  1. Create your account;
  2. Upload your trades; and
  3. Download your tax report

GetCryptoTax.com has user-friendly click-by-click tutorials that show you how to get your trade data from the different exchanges without any mystery or frustration. And if you do not have too many trades, the product calculates your capital gains for free. Additionally, you can download the spreadsheets of the trade or import them into an online software such as TurboTax for just $39.99 USD.

Now that the tax deadline is soon approaching, navigate to GetCryptoTax.com and stay ahead of the pack and do not forget to sell at A.T.H. this time around!

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About Get Crypto Tax

Get Crypto Tax is a website that helps you calculate capital gains on your cryptocurrency trades so that you can file your taxes. The site provides user-friendly tutorials to help you easily upload exported spreadsheets from your cryptocurrency exchanges. Get started at https://getcryptotax.com or for accountants https://getcryptotax.com/accountants.